The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers

The Foundation

We started back in late 2001 with a request from a local retreat center to 'fix' a broken MS Access system developed by their abbey in Germany.  We were able to 'squeeze' the air out of the system which provided a temporary solution.  However, we explained that the problem would return in 12-15 months if they didn't make a permanent fix to the application.

A permanent fix was proving to be almost impossible - as the original developer had 'lost' the American version of the application.  But he was willing to start all over (it had already taken 2 years prior to make all the American adjustments). We were then asked to figure out a new solution - thus Retreat Manager was born.  From previous experience and products - we already had the knowledge and tools to improve on their existing application - this began a 4 year learning curve into the retreat center business. By listening and working with our clients for the past 20+ years, we feel that we finally understand the environment and the limitations.




Each year as we add more clients, we learn more about this business - where now we have over 120+ daily users.







Our newest features are: Gift Shop, Parish Members, Series Programs, Repeat Programs, Mixed Font Name Badges, Receipt Printing, Bulk Envelope Printing, and several more smaller features.