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Reports and Lists

We stopped counting in 2014 but there are over 155+ reports or lists are possible (95% can be exported to Excel or MS Word if needed) - however most can be edited directly, almost all can be emailed (internally or via Outlook):
Facility Agenda Report

  • Attendee, Rooming, Meeting, Agenda, Information List/Reports
  • Guest Profiles, Group Profiles, Misc. Lists - Parish, Community
  • Housekeeping Reports - dirty rooms, next Guest arrival (within 5 days), cleaning updates

    Guest List

  • Planned Socials - when, where, what, and setup notes
    Housekeeping Report



      • Mailing List/Export - by attendance history and other parameters
      • Label Customization

CheckIn Report


  • Planned Meals - groups, guests, quanities, special meal notes, dietary requirements


 Planned Meals Report