The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers

Rules & Guidelines

Every good system has limits and parameters placed on data input so that 'improper' information does not get into the system and subsequently cause problems with reports and displays. To this end Retreat Manager has 'rules'.

Typical Rules ...
  • Every guest must have a first or last name (Fr. [blank] is not allowed)
  • Every guest name (and information) must be unique (duplicates not allowed)
  • For planned events you must create an activity first (can be over-night or day)
    • Guests or Groups are elements of an activity
    • Guestrooms, meeting rooms, meals, socials are also elements of an event
  • Times are very important (for example)
    • No activity can start at mid-night and no activity ends at mid-night
    • No guests check-in at mid-night or leave at mid-night
    • No meals are served at mid-night
  • Cannot delete a guest name if they have history (but can be hidden)
  • Cannot delete a group if they have history
  • Cannot delete an activity if a payment has been applied

  • We have never counted the rules - but more exist.  They protect your information and the operational integrity of the organization.

Rules are necessary to the strong maintenance of any software system.  Without these rules there could be confusion, inaccuracy, and chaos - something you never want to experience.

Our rules have been in-place for over 15 years, and so far, we have never misplaced one piece of information nor confused any person reading a report.