The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers


Activities ...
  • Comparison of all activities by date range with attendance counts vs plan
  • Hosted activities by 'category', by date range
  • Sponsored actitities by 'category', by date range
  • Private Retreats by 'purpose', by date range

Occupancy ...

  • Bed or Bedroom occupancy
    • By month, week, weekend (Fri/Sat), weekdays (Sun/Thu), or per day
    • By all buildings or specific building
    • But then graph - in B/W, color, legends, titles, and data-points
  • Or, export results to Excel
  • Or, save results for future analysis

  • Meeting Room occupancy
    • But also graph the results
General Statistics ...
  • List of various activities during any date range
    • By categories, by type
  • Meals prepared during any date range
    • By month, weekday, building
  • Hosted versus Sponsored actitivies
  • Revenue Summary by Category or Category Tree
  • Community activities versus other activities
  • Guest notes and dietary summaries
Six Year Trends ...
  • 6 year comparitive overnights, meal types, meals, guests, and program types
    • Cumulative by year or grouped per month
  • Pie, bar, line, area, step, doughnut, gantt, surface, scatter charts
  • 2D and 3D, background colors, add images and logos
Revenue Projections ...
  • For specific months or range of months
    • Include or exclude sponsored activities with hosted
  • Registrations per month, year
    • Summaries - comparision of Portal results
    • New payments, prior payments, non-monetary payments, balances due
  • Registrations cancelled, 'free-will' offering activities
  • Hosted activities analyzed in a very similar manner as the sponsored activities