The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers


The Other Guys ...
  • Event Planning Software - primarily for meeting rooms and possibly minor catering (like a banquet)
    • Have no interest in where attendees sleep or eat the 3 basic meals a day
    • Handle mostly group activities - not individuals like Private Retreatants
    • Many are subscription based, normally 'In the Cloud', and costly over time
  • Hotel Software - certainly know bedrooms and possibly some meeting rooms
    • Again not interested in the 3 meals a day - normally don't have full food services for groups
    • Don't know what a Chapel is or how to treat this religious area
    • Don't understand the difference between a hosted activity, sponsored activity, or a private retreat
    • Don't have an on-line system that allow individuals to register for sponsored activites
  • Camp Ground Software - sometimes advertised for 'Conference Centers'
    • Yet, they don't do 'sponsored activities' very well - which is a ministry issue for every religious retreat center
    • Often label a 'guestroom' as a 'cabin' (they come from the world of 20 bunk-beds in a building)
    • Plus, they are oriented towards 'summer' youth functions with canoeing and archery lessons

As there is not really another system that can do what we do - what do you do now?

We will help you figure this out ...

Yes, we are biased toward our own systems, but remember we have been doing this for over 18 years.  We speak your language better than anyone else - and would not want you to make a wrong decision.  To that end we will talk to you, we will discuss your needs, and provide full demonstrations of Retreat Manager so that you can be adequately informed on the possibilities.

If you still choose a different system or Retreat Manager - either is fine.  Only by asking many questions and challenging every software provider can a good decision be rendered.  Over the last many years we have seen several retreat centers purchase systems without knowing what they are getting.  We still have all the clients we secured over the last 18 years and have replaced many of the 'other guys' indicated above.  We have one client with data going back to 1998 and currently planning as far out as 2028 - that's 30 years of history.  They can tell who stayed in what room and for what reason over the previous 18 years.

We know that this process is difficult - and only by talking with us and trusting us to provide the service you need - will a great decision be possible.  We do web-based demonstrations with 'real' data from clients that have been using Retreat Manager for many years.  We will do multiple demonstrations and will try to answer any and all questions.  As we only do religious retreat centers you might consider that this subject is also our 'ministry'.

If you're serious about improving your center's operation, give us a call, or email - and we'll discuss all this with you.