The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers

The Technology

Retreat Manager is built with the best development tools available.  In June 2021 we are moving to the 'Cloud' and a subscription basis.  All Client/Server clients will be converted to the 'Cloud' by Jan 2023

  • Microsoft SQL Server for data storage

    • All versions (2012 to 2017) are supported
      • Standard and Express versions as well
      • SQL Server 2019 is under evaluation
      • For the 'Cloud' SQL Server 2017 will be used

  • Microsoft Visual Basic for primary user interaction and access to the data

    • To create some of the unique and special displays we use customized controls for
      • An internal 'MS Word-like' control for reportingVB2
      • A customized Menu control
      • A set of customized buttons, check boxes, and drop-downs
      • Two different customized grid controls
      • A customized planning control for meetings
      • A customized graphing control with extended editing ability
      • An internal email control for sending documents without using Outlook

  • All current Microsoft Windows operating systems are supported

    • Windows 7 to Windows 10 (Pro and Home)

    • With the 'Cloud' Mac users can access the system

    • Windows Server 2012 to 2019, Standard & Essentials
      • Domains and Peer to Peer Setups

See Requirements for additional equipment specifications ...