The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers

Wizards and Guidance Forms

There are 10+ sequential guidance forms (or Wizards) that assist with creating activites and related supporting resources.  These 'Wizards' will guide you through steps so that errors are minimized.

Program Wizard


  • Wizards for creating a Program - Day & Overnight, Hosted or Sponsored
  • Wizards for creating a Private Retreat - Day or Overnight

  • Create a Guest Profile
  • Create a Group Profile
  • Create a 'bunch' of additional program commuters

  • Add/Delete a collection of meals
  • Creating a 'group' meal record

Template Designer 

  • Guidance forms for creating data-merge documents
  • Repeating a program
  • Createing a 'series' program
  • Combining duplicate guest and group profiles

  • Creating a new bedroom
  • Creating a new meeting area

  • Moving an attendee from one program to another