The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers

Food Services

Planned Meals

Planned Meals Report ...
  • Daily listing of who and when for the 3 basic meals with notes and individual dietary requirements
Planned Socials Report (not shown) ...
  • The when, what, for who, at what time for each Social

 Daily Meals Report


Daily Meals Report ...
  • Groups guests/staff/retreatants by what meal and when


 Monthly Meals

Monthly Meals Summary ...
  • Used to determine how many meals will be served for the month
Meal Times ...
  • Times for groups can be modified in 15 minute increments
  • Times for Private Retreatants can be different from groups
  • Times for Staff and Comunity can also be different from groups



The basic 3 meals a day plus socials (or breaks like 'Coffee, Tea, and Cookies') can also be scheduled.  Generally the 3 basic meals are automatically planned based on the original arrival and departure times of the activity.  Socials can be added to any 'meeting' space during the meeting times.  Socials cannot be planned outside of an activity schedule.