The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers

Event Planning

The planning effort of the retreat center resources for the benefict of a collection of guests.  This included 'sponsored' and 'hosted' activities.

Program Details

 The Program Detail screen is where all information regarding an activity - whether 'hosted' or 'sponsored' is collected.  The bedrooms, meals, meeting rooms, socials, attendees, invoicing - every program detail is available from this screen.

There are activity summary reports. attendee lists, rooming lists, invoicng details, emails, documents and program summary reports included.

Programs are created from the one of the 3 planners using a 'Wizard' and can be changed from 'hosted' to 'sponsored' if you make a mistake.  Meeting spaces can be added with setup notes and repeated for each day of the program.  Socials can be created for any time of day for any meeting space with the exception of chapels.

Overnight and day programs are supported.  Multiple night programs (with bedrooms) can also have variable number of commuters per day.  Meals are automaticallly added and removed as more or less resources are used.  Early arrival and late departure guests are allowed.