• Dedicated!

    A Management System Only for Religious Retreat Centers
  • Comprehensive!

    Guestrooms, Meetings, Food Service, Socials, Guests, Groups - all in one
  • In the Cloud!

    Designed to be specific, exciting, and fun - Cloud June 2021
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Integration of guest bedrooms, meeting spaces, food services, social activities, invoicing, guests, groups and other subjects into a singular networked system .. Read More


The consistent review of our client's data and operations affords us knowledge that none of our competition will ever have. So, we proactively support, assist, and anticipate our client needs .. Read More

The Portal

An on-line registration system for sponsored programs that implements an integration of a web-based calender of events with client data at the retreat center .. Read More


With a Client/Server structure our networked data is stored in a 'industry leading' MS SQL Server database and accessed from a Visual Basic application on your workstation .. Read More


Built on the operational and business logic of over 30+ retreat centers w/120 daily users. As of 2016, we have invested approximately 34,000+ hours - and are always striving to improve .. Read More
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  • A Plan for Growth

    Beyond the details, Retreat Manager is built for growth. A rich and powerful visual environment, alongside specialized tools and interfaces - many of our clients have experienced tremendous benefits. Retreat Manager provides a smart and easy solution for delivering the possibilities of efficiency, control, and expansion.
  • Religious Retreat Center Specific

    Retreat Manager started with, and remains only for, religious retreat centers. Unique logic and business issues were developed to provide Retreat Manager with advanced performance in all areas. We always consider speed and user understanding in every feature we develop.
  • Meet Your Ministry Goals

    Over the last 20 years we have seen and discussed much with our clients. How data is handled and how users interact with our system - all very essential issues. The outcomes for most of our clients fall in the range of 15-90% growth over various 12 to 24 month periods.
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About Retreat Manager

Retreat Manager was designed and developed primarily for religious retreat centers. The structure, while focusing on details, maintains a refined, conservative, and colorful style.  We are always striving to improve efficiency with new features and options.

We originally thought that all retreat centers were the same - BUT that only lasted for a short while. Many retreat centers since the first cener have required an additional 10-15 changes - so we understand that we are not perfect - yet, we welcome a discussion of your needs.

Each planner, screen or form has automated color sequences to help you make the best of informed decisions - all leading to growth for your retreat center.

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Ancillary Subjects

Planning Wizards

Our Philosophy

Rules & Guidelines

Word, Excel, Outlook

More About

  • image Three primary planners and one optional 'Church' based planner. Many sub-planners exist to assist you to make the best decision. Read More


  • image Six primary 'ticklers' each with specific functions to track events, due dates, payments, unpaid invoices, and activity status. Read More


  • image Over 175+ reports with many having multiple layers of user selectable parameters. Read More


  • image The internal out-going email system auto-generates and attaches correspondence for group and individual communications. Emails are stored in the database relative to the activity involved. Read More


  • image Over 60+ statistical-type reports - many with graphs. Assists greatly in the validation of your business assumptions. Read More


  • image Ability to select guests based on attendance history for future marketing purposes. Choose by a range of programs, or specific programs, or types of programs. Read More


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