The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers


Selecting Guests ...
  • Based on attendance history in prior years
    • Automatically excludes guest names provided by 'hosted' groups
    • Soliciting hosted group individuals is not proper
    • Unless individual gives permission to be added to mailing list
  • Show emails, internal ID, telephones plus address information
Filtering Attendance History ...
  • Search and gather guests based on attendance history
  • Select only specific programs by program type, program titles, words in titles, presenter, and dates
    • Select sponsored programs only, specific sponsored programs, only Private Retreatants, or both
  • Skip if no mailing address
Collecting Results ...
  • Visually review list of names
    • Export to Excel for further editing if required
  • Automatically eliminates 'exact' duplicates (but not similar records)
    • Use the Guest Validation tool to discover 'almost' duplicate records
    • 'Bob Smith' and 'Robert Smith' may be the same person - combine these records into one
NCOA Validation and data collection ervices ...
  • Export to NCOA service to validate addresses
    • To get discounted postal rates - US Postal service requires NCOA validation within 31 days of any mailing
  • Send file to 'data collection' service to see if email addresses exist
    • Update internal tables with any revised changes or new information
Exporting ...
  • Create mailing labels for internal processing
  • Send a 'csv' file to your mail processor - automatically
    • Will munch through 40,500 guests and 107,800 reservations in seconds to find the 3,800 guests matching your requirements