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Microsoft Office

Although our reports and lists are directly printable and editable from within Retreat Manager, we also support exporting to the Office 2010 thru Office 2016 and Office 365 product lines - Word, Excel, and Outlook.

 2010 Word  2010 Excel  2010 Outlook
  MS Office 2007  


 2013 Word  2013 Excel 2013 Outlook
   MS Office 2016  


Copy or Export almost any report or list to MS Word or Excel ...

Moving information from the Retreat Manager system is not 'specifically' encouraged as this could be considered a time wasting effort - BUT there are 'occasional' situations where you might want to do this. Particularly if you want special fonts, font colors, or need to add some special images/information not within the Retreat Manager system.  However, 99% of daily/monthly operational reports and routines are available from Retreat Manager.

If you have a special need (which some centers do), we request that you discuss these matters with us.  Retreat Manager was designed to save you time and provide efficiency.