The Premier Management System for Religious Retreat Centers

Our Philosophies

Screen Displays ...
  • If you can't see it, you probably will not schedule it
  • Most forms, displays, and access methods are 'job-related'
  • Generally each staff person has a slightly different function - that is how we designed Retreat Manager
Reports ...
  • Staff employees are not IT specialists - so staff shouldn't have to create reports
    • If we don't have a report that will work - then call us
    • Reports be exported/edited but not recommended - hopefully not necessary
  • From all our clients, we have seen or discovered many different ways that activities are handled
Colors ...
  • Colors generally indicate 'something' about what is scheduled or planned
    • White space are unscheduled guestrooms, meeting spaces
  • Colors are fun, informative, and efficient
Shortcuts ...
  • Standard keyboard shortcuts can greatly assist with efficiency
    • We have 15+ years watching how retreat centers operate on a daily basis
  • Can almost navigate all of Retreat Manager system without using a mouse
    • 'F5 key' opens Guest List, 'F6 key' opens Group List, 'F7 key' open Program List
    • 'Escape key' closes a list or form, 'Enter key' equals a double-click
    • 'Tab key' moves to next field or object
    • 'F4 key' adds a new guest/group name, 'F2 key' edits an existing name